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The Masters of 2012

The year 1960 is sometimes called the “Golden Year of Golf”. That summer, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan competed in the Masters of Augustus and U.S. Open, leading to one of the greatest spectacles in recent memory.

Nicklaus had not won a great and playing with a brazenly insulting to older players like Hogan, who by contrast had won nine majors and was an institution in America. The contrast between them and the winner of two tournaments away at the last Arnold Palmer have made you write more about that summer many other great players.

The Masters of 2012

“The Eternal Summer ” or first produced HBO documentary about golf in 2008 (” Back Nine at Cherry Hills “) are just one example of the impact of those two tournaments. Echoed in the history of golf has not been so great if Nicklaus and Palmer had not won as many majors later, so that at the time was difficult to gauge its relevance. His legend grew as he continued to gain. …continue reading

US Open 2012: Return the toughest test of golf

If last year Rory McIlroy in his victory at the U.S. Open winner set a new result, do not expect this year at The Olympic Club of San Francisco is down again this result, the USGA has decided that the U.S. Open again be that test where players are tested mentally and physically, while their ability to make shots.

US Open 2012

A par 70 of 7,170 yards, a route that has been increasing by 373 yards since the last U.S. Open played at this field in 1988 and features the longest par 5 in the history of the U.S. Open with 670 yards, a first 9 holes par 34 and par 36 seconds pair 9 … …continue reading

The importance of U.S. Open

The tennis season moves across continents every year, but the season finale for the tennis world is produced in the United States, as the season closes with the last season Grand Slam, the U.S. Open.

Given the circumstances in which the world of men’s tennis is currently, U.S. Open marks a major influence on the careers of players who occupy the first 4 World rankings.

The importance of U.S. Open

Take home the U.S. Open, is very different changes for the race of each of the players that are mentioned below. …continue reading