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Rory McIlroy will have to overcome bad luck in the second round

Rory McIlroy calls “that thing in the second round.” This is something he especially in the head. Unfortunately for those who won two majors, it has become a very real problem. For some reason, McIlroy began to experience serious problems Friday. And this is a subject that has further risen to approach the British Open.

This year, McIlroy shows a cumulative 49 under par in the initial round. During the course of the weekend, it displays a -39. But Friday, it is 15.

rory mcilroy

“I have no problem to get a good score on Thursday, he said. There should be no reason for me to have problems getting a good score on Friday”.

If only it were that simple. …continue reading

The anticipation and the unknown to Augusta

A quick walk to Augusta National can understand why it is hard to predict the pace will take the Masters Tournament this year. At the practice green, you can see the golfer of decades Jordan Spieth, one of the 24 new names to the table, a record.

Field as such; there is Webb Simpson, the winner of the U.S. Open in 2012, and one of 21 players who have won the last 24 majors. For the first time in his career in Tiger Woods will not be there, being away until the summer, after back surgery.


“Like any community of golf, we would like that Tiger is there, recognized the CEO of the tournament, Billy Payne. It is always among the favorites to win here. That said, we are the Masters Tournament. We hope that this is the best tournament in the world, one of the biggest sporting events, and I think we will crown a new champion this year”. …continue reading

Tiger Woods returns the ball to Golf Channel

Tiger Woods launched without saying a challenge to Golf Channel to act as a result of chronic Brandel Chamblee in which the network golf analyst suggests that the golfer cheated.

In commenting on the case publicly for the first time since the chronicle of Chamblee, Woods said that the ball was in the camp of Golf Channel.

Tiger Woods

Chamblee, who has often criticized Woods in the past, wrote in a column for SI Golf Plus the golfer deserves a grade of “F” for the 2013 season because he was, he said, “a little negligent” with rules. By telling a story where he had cheated on an exam, Chamblee suggested that Woods deserved the same note he had received at that time. …continue reading

Good start for Sergio Garcia at the ‘The Players Championship’

The Spanish golfer Sergio García had a good start at The Players Championship, scoring for the American circuit and one of the most prestigious of the season, while the first day left the surprising leadership of the American Roberto Castro.

The player Castellon finished within the top ten after defeating the first day of competition at the Sawgrass course with a positive card of 68, four under par, left him anyway, something away from the head, where shone the figure of ”unknown” Castro.

Sergio Garcia

The Borriol, winner of this tournament in 2008, signed a good debut and only black was the 5th hole, where he left his only “bogey” of the day, but that could compensate with five “birdies”, three of them from 9 to 11, where however finished their hits. …continue reading

The Masters of 2012

The year 1960 is sometimes called the “Golden Year of Golf”. That summer, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan competed in the Masters of Augustus and U.S. Open, leading to one of the greatest spectacles in recent memory.

Nicklaus had not won a great and playing with a brazenly insulting to older players like Hogan, who by contrast had won nine majors and was an institution in America. The contrast between them and the winner of two tournaments away at the last Arnold Palmer have made you write more about that summer many other great players.

The Masters of 2012

“The Eternal Summer ” or first produced HBO documentary about golf in 2008 (” Back Nine at Cherry Hills “) are just one example of the impact of those two tournaments. Echoed in the history of golf has not been so great if Nicklaus and Palmer had not won as many majors later, so that at the time was difficult to gauge its relevance. His legend grew as he continued to gain. …continue reading

US Open 2012: Return the toughest test of golf

If last year Rory McIlroy in his victory at the U.S. Open winner set a new result, do not expect this year at The Olympic Club of San Francisco is down again this result, the USGA has decided that the U.S. Open again be that test where players are tested mentally and physically, while their ability to make shots.

US Open 2012

A par 70 of 7,170 yards, a route that has been increasing by 373 yards since the last U.S. Open played at this field in 1988 and features the longest par 5 in the history of the U.S. Open with 670 yards, a first 9 holes par 34 and par 36 seconds pair 9 … …continue reading

Woods vs. McIlroy, the first assault

During the first two first days of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald played together. The best player in the world face to face with the (for many) the best player in history and the reigning champion of the U.S. Open, a young man who oozes talent.

Woods vs. McIlroy

The confrontation was not crucial, since these were the first two rounds of the year in official competition of the three players, but golf, very moody at times, can not make the match in the same game the rest of the season. Donald left the fighting soon and could not keep pace with Woods and McIlroy, who returned to play together on Saturday. …continue reading