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Villarreal B and Cordoba split units

At the beginning of the 29th round of the League Two, the Villarreal B and Cordoba equaled in a goal, allowing them to continue in the same way in their struggle, first to save themselves from relegation to second division B, and the other in order to keep jobs in so-called “zone playoffs” to the end of the season, and thus be eligible for promotion to the Premier League.

In the encounter of yesterday, disputed in the sports complex of the Villarreal, both teams arrived from the best form after to have added only victories in each one of their last three encounters. This, and the like who have made it possible to see a lively clash in which the premises were first lead thanks to a score of sources against , while in the second stage Borja Garcia equalized for Cordoba.

Villarreal B and Cordoba

In this way, Villarreal B adds 33 units and is located seven of relegation to second division B zone; at the time that the Cordoba totals 50 points, so it will remain in the playoff zone a day longer, but win the Elche to the Numancia today would be only a unit above it. …continue reading

The Manchester seeking to lift the Premier

Manchester City and Manchester United look up this weekend in the Premier League dated 28 after being beaten last Thursday and after which were on the brink of elimination in the Europa League.

The Manchester seeking to lift the Premier

The City fell into his visit against Sporting de Portugal while that United lost against Athletic de Bilbao at Old Trafford, so both English clubs must leave behind the bad time in the “first leg” of the second round, to recover the mood on Sunday in the Premier. …continue reading

Top 3 players in the Premier League 2011/2012

The year 2011 left a myriad of emotions in the hearts of fans. The various leagues around the world displayed their best, leaving the end of this year’s teams that won the respect and admiration for the good performance shown throughout 2011.

Just as some teams were more dominant than others, there were players in 2011 with increased participation in their clubs, which we called even more attention than their peers, their competitive edge and its clear influence on the performance of their respective equipment. Today we focus on the Premier League, introducing you to the 3 best players in England in 2011, if only we take as reference the second part of the year.

1. Wayne Rooney:

Wayne Rooney

Before the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United used to play 4-3-3, using Rooney as end or center forward. At the end of C. Ronaldo, Rooney began to take a leading role in the team, which saw its evolution in 2011. Rooney became the quarterback of the Manchester United, who changed his style of play a 4-4-1-1 with Rooney playing trailers, which gave the whole team projection. …continue reading

The controversial penalty to Luis Suarez

Sport, football in this case, is an event that brings together 22 people, fighting in a battlefield called playing field, where the passions and intensity may reach the limit within the battle, but at the end thereof, grudges and hatreds left behind, this being precisely one of the most beautiful sport.

However, there are times when the passions that come to overwhelm the field of play transcend beyond it, injuring susceptibilities and generating conflicts should not be present in a sport as beautiful as football, which is supposed to serve to bring people together in common cause.

Luis Suarez

And this precisely is given more frequently in recent times, with acts of racism that not only harm a person, but that hurt all mankind. Players of the stature of Roberto Carlos, Samuel Eto’o the same Hugo Sanchez, had to endure all sorts of insults from the rostrum, same which in turn were strongly criticized and punished. …continue reading