Very recently, one of the most popular teams from around Argentina and Latin America, the Boca Juniors, lost its banner up the goal box for many years, Martin Palermo, who decided to retire after a brilliant career with the Xeneises, where he won almost everything.

The departure of this left a large hole in the front of mouth, as his style of play is based on having a post player in the lead, a role that perfectly met the Argentine striker. The good news for this great club, is the appearance of a great player, we mean the young Argentine striker, Lucas Viatri, who looks like a carbon copy of Palermo.

Lucas Viatri

Viatri player is a classic area, moves within this serves as a benchmark for their peers in charge of creating football, and a great finisher. This is not the only thing that becomes very similar to his fellow retired, as his running form, reminds us somewhat too decomposed to Palermo …continue reading