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Phil Jackson became president of the Knicks

The legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson will be the next president of the New York Knicks announced Tuesday the NBA team. “I’m going to start at the bottom. We want to build a team. This is the best place to play basketball”, said the new president during a press conference presentation in New York.

Jackson, 68 years old, has won 11 times the title of the NBA as a coach, six with the Bulls of Chicago of Michael Jordan then five with the Lakers of Los Angeles of Kobe Bryant, which is a record. He joined the club with whom he spent most of his playing career from 1967 to 1978 and won two titles in 1970 and 1973. The Knicks was no longer sacred since.

Phil Jackson

“We want to be faithful to the past but also to look forward. It’s nice to get back to where I started basketball”, Jackson said. …continue reading

Kobe Bryant, eternal ‘Laker’ despite the doubts that awakens his injury

It is the star of Los Angeles Lakers and along with Lebron James, the true Reference and claim the NBA. The gold and purple franchise depends largely on what Kobe Bryant is capable of doing on the field, and is well aware that Mitch Kupchak, general manager of the California team. Therefore, despite the significant injury suffered guard down the stretch of last season (torn Achilles tendon) and rumors of a possible withdrawal at the end of his contract (2014), GM continuity commitment.

“Kobe is our best player, no doubt one of the best of all time. If he can keep playing at a high level for several seasons, there is not reason for not going to do it here, in fact there have been negotiations for his renewal”, Kupchak has said in an interview with ESPN Radio.

Kobe Bryant

Yes, the continuity of ’24’ will come out for a peak at the franchise, is that the player asks for a salary around $ 20 million per season. In a time of cutbacks, the escort is not the work of lowering his claims, hence the tug of war between the parties, but it seems that if the player returns to his level, there will be no problem to continue being the great captain and become ‘eternal’ (facing his eighteenth season in Los Angeles). …continue reading

Kobe Bryant saved the Lakers loss to the Bobcats

Again there was no clear ideas brilliance in the Los Angeles Lakers game, but before the worst team with the worst record in the league, the Charlotte Bobcats, at least they could earn at home by 93-100, and avoid another defeat suffered humiliating than the previous night against the Boston Celtics.

But it had to be once again Kobe Bryant to write down the critical points in the final stretch of the game that gave the lead for the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant, who had been wise in the first part upon doing only two shots to basket, in the end, in the fourth quarter, scored 14 points, including two that had the decisive advantage the Lakers (93-98) with 40 seconds left. …continue reading

The beginning of the course does not change the dynamics of the Lakers losing

The Lakers, a team prepared to fight for the NBA title with the signings of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, disappointed at the premiere of the new course to being defeated, at home against the Mavericks, who won by 91-99 without Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman.

However, after losing eight consecutive games in the preseason, the defeat of the new Angeleno project not takes both by surprise. Pau Gasol, who scored 23 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and six assists gave his teammates, was erected in the best local seconded by Kobe Bryant (22 points and one rebound).

Steve Nash

The Mike Brown accused the limited contribution of the new caller to be protagonists also: Nash signed seven points and four assists and Howard could double figures (19 points and 10 rebounds), but with a 3/14 from staff. …continue reading

Best of NBA: Kobe Bryant

Following this special mention to the best players last season in the NBA, in this day talk about the player who was second in this ranking, we mean the shooting guard of the Los Angeles Lakers and one of the best players of history, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant

No doubt Bryant is one of the players most famous for the last 10 years, not only this; it is also one of the best players, if not the best of the past decade. His mere presence was enough for the Lakers every year are considered one of the favorites for the title. …continue reading

The team of the future: Minnesota Timberwolves

In recent times the distances in the NBA have become increasingly shorter, making this the most competitive league in the world. Despite the closeness that is the level between the teams, there quintets that have been made stronger with the passage of time and the presence of basketball stars have helped make it happen.

Kevin Love

Clear examples of such stellar teams are Miami Heat, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade; Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose; the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, and we can follow, just remember the top 10 players from last season, to know that their teams are those contained. Nowadays, a team exists that is outlined to enter to this elite, we refer to Minnesota Timberwolves, already continuation we will see the reason. …continue reading

Still not the end of Kobe Bryant

When finished the 2011 season, the Lakers made it all their fans more doubts than hopes. For one thing Phil Jackson would be dismissed from the team, the players support as Bynum and Gasol had left much to be desired, and most troubling, the star of the team for over a decade, Kobe Bryant, began to show signs of finally age bill were wrong.

Kobe Bryant

Criticism came quickly for Bryant, played in previous years were a pushover for the eaves, became constant failures and, with the arrival of Chris Paul to Los Angeles Clippers, the media attention and the fans seemed abandon The Black Mamba. In fact, ESPN placed to Bryant as the player number 7 in a list that already ranked all players in the NBA. However, nobody had so far has demonstrated Bryant. …continue reading

NBA 2012: Los Angeles Lakers

See and tumble play as ugly as the Lakers in the finals of the 2011-2012 season past was something that came to surprise both his supporters and journalists and expert commentators of the sport. A team hierarchy with Los Angeles Lakers is unlikely to fall in the way as overwhelming as he said goodbye after being swept by the Dallas Mavericks.

Despite being an outcome that few people expected, the real expectations of the Lakers were not so high. Its holder base depends strongly on what can make Kobe Bryant, on the other hand his relay team far from being a solid team.

Los Angeles Lakers

If things continue, the future of the Lakers will soon begin to blur, as Bryant has begun to show signs of low level, which is normal if we consider the time it takes as a professional player, the downside is that within the squad seems to have a clear successor to Bryant, that is, someone with enough talent and personality to stay with the leadership team when Bryant reaches the twilight of his career. …continue reading