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World 2018-2022: FIFA will soon complete its investigation

Less than 48 hours after the accusations Sunday Times, the International Football Federation has announced that it plans to complete by June 9 its investigation into the controversial allocation World 2018 Russia and 2022 to Qatar.

“After months of interviews with witnesses and research material, we plan to complete this phase of our investigation before June 9, 2014, and submit a report to the trial chamber (FIFA) about six weeks later”, after the final on July 13, the Brazilian World Cup that begins on June 12, said Michael J. Garcia and Cornel Borbely, respectively president and president delegate the investigation chamber of the Ethics Commission FIFA investigating.

World 2018-2022

Monday, Jérôme Valcke has refused to comment on the case. “No answers, not questions”, launched in Rio Secretary General of FIFA reporters at the inauguration of a communications center (IBC) World-2014 begins in ten days. …continue reading

World Cup 2014: Curitiba could be excluded

The General Secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, Tuesday launched a stern warning in Curitiba, one of 12 host cities for the World Cup of soccer in Brazil, citing its possible exclusion if the works are progressing stage not.

“We can organize game without point, it is an emergency”, said Valcke in Curitiba, adding hope that the situation would evolve rapidly “for Curitiba does not stay out of the Cup” which place from 12 June to 13 July.

World Cup 2014

“What can I say? The question is tricky. Let’s be frank and direct. As you know, the current situation of the stage is not our taste”, said Valcke after an inspection of the stadium.

“Not only is it very late, but he escapes any good timing reset FIFA”, he has said during a press conference. …continue reading

The Secretary of FIFA commends the progress of Brazil for World Cup 2014

The secretary general of the FIFA, Jerome Valcke, praised on Thursday the registered advances by Brazil in the preparations for the World Cup 2014 and assured that the governing body of the soccer works in tuning with the local authorities in the preparation of the tournament.

Accompanied the Minister of sport, Aldo Rebelo, and members of the Local Organizing Committee of the World Cup 2014, Valcke told journalists his satisfaction by what he observed at the conclusion of the visit to three of the cities tournament headquarters: the northeastern Natal and Recife and the capital Brasilia.

Jerome Valcke

After the visits, he met in Brasilia with authorities of the government and of the LOC to know the advances in the preparations for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup of 2013. …continue reading