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Marc Gasol kept alive the hope of the Grizzlies of stepping on the final phase

Marc Gasol led with 24 points, the Grizzlies still have a chance to go to the end to win (100-92) to the Nuggets in Denver. Currently they are tied with the Mavericks in seventh place in the Western Conference. Marc played 36 minutes, hit 8 of 16 shots, October 8 from staff, and had five rebounds, three assists and a plug.

For his part, James Harden led, once again, the attack of the Houston Rockets were imposed (111-107) to the Thunder and secured a spot in the finals for the second consecutive season before his former team. The surprise winner was Francisco García factor that became the best defensive player on the team to complete a large marking on the star forward Kevin Durant.

Marc Gasol

Serge Ibaka claimed all the progress he has made in the offending paragraph and got 27 points, so which allowed him to draw the best record as a professional in that facet of the game. Also took center stage under the basket to put nine rebounds and six blocks. The Spanish international played 36 minutes, scored 11 of 17 field goals, including triples April 2 and April 3 from the line staff. …continue reading

NBA Playoffs: Bryant just could not beat Oklahoma and the Lakers were eliminated

The star of Los Angeles scored 42 points in the semifinal match that defined the West for the Thunder. In the conference finals will face San Antonio.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden joined efforts to leave on the way to the multiple champions as local, by 106 to 90. Despite being a young team, led by the coach Scott Brooks were strong in the key moments of grief, and gave no room for those headed by “Black Mamba”.

Kobe Bean Bryant

Kevin Durant scored 25 points, the base 28 and substitute guard 17, allowing override the perfect example of Kobe Bryant , who led all scorers with 42 crash. The only partner that helped was Pau Gasol, who had 14 points and 16 rebounds appropriated. …continue reading

Super Bryant rescued the Lakers, who beat Oklahoma in the NBA

The figure of Bryant was present when the team needed it most and also provided the “factor” to run no less than 18 free throws and list them all.

The Lakers dropped 42 times from the line and scored 41 from 26 of 28 who achieved the Thunder, statistics that joked after the game the coach of Oklahoma City, Scott Brooks, complaining about the amount of fouls that were awarded to Californians.

Kobe Bean Bryant

The Lakers trailed on the scoreboard until the last minute and a half game (89-92) when Bryant was responsible for scoring six points in a row and give the advantage to the Lakers. …continue reading

Role players: James Harden

Last season gave us the opportunity to witness bursts of teams before not even on the imagination of fans. We can still remember the achievements of the Oklahoma City Thunder; the team was expected very little and managed to surprise in the finals.

James Harden

The defensive power was the weapon that best served to make this equipment decisive moments ever achieved by this franchise so far. And talk about the team’s defensive power, we can not let a great player, who off the bench, failed to demonstrate that it has sufficient capacity to be part of the template holder referring to James Harden. …continue reading