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Sergio Garcia enlivens his controversy with Tiger Woods with racial slur

Sergio García was the main protagonist of the European Tour awards gala. At the awards ceremony, the Spanish golfer took stage and, after being asked by his controversy with Tiger Woods, was the problem: Garcia responded to the question of the driver in the event Steve Sands with a joke with some racist content, and given the uproar that ensued, was forced to apologize after some hours.

The host of the event, with clear jokingly asked the Spanish golfer if he would invite to dinner at Tiger Woods in the days before the disputed U.S. Open. Sergio Garcia, trying to continue the conversation hilarious tone, responded in a way that has not liked the least in the world of golf: “We’re going to invite every night. We will serve fried chicken”.

Sergio Garcia

The meaning of this comment is racist because in Americabecause formerly it was said that African slaves were fed fried chicken everyday. But also, the words of Sergio Garcia reproduced suffered a joke already own Tiger in 1997, when Fuzzy Zoeller uttered this same comment to American golfer after winning the Masters, his first major, raising much controversy. …continue reading

Sergio begins his 2013

“We know that there must be good and bad times”, says Sergio Garcia (Borriol, 1980), the man who became world number two behind only the best Tiger, who has won 21 tournaments, but they also knew the darkest of the sport in 2010, when discouraged by bad results left the golf temporarily.

Now he begins his 2013 in the Commercial Bank of Doha in Qatar after two good seasons, of ascent, in which he has harvested four titles and has met again with his better play, as showed in the Ryder of Medinah and in the Johor Open for of Malaysia, his last tournament of 2012, which closed with victory.

Sergio Garcia

“I’m happy with how things have gone the last two years and I feel comfortable with myself. Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience, just like life. All you can do is tried to play with the best attitude possible and wait for things to happen”, Sergio said last season that he dared to play without a caddy renowned because he felt he had to make his own decisions. …continue reading

Suitable for practicing the method

Some days throwing balls on the practice field where golf seems like a simple sport. It achieves a good pace and the balls start to come together on the same address, same flight and same point of landing. They are possibly encouraging a player to try more times, although there are twenty evil involved.

But can you lower your handicap by pulling two hundred balls a day? May be those times when all the muscles of the body flowing together mean that we are on track, we’re doing things right, but we also know that the court practice is very different from a golf course.

Suitable for practicing the method

In fact, they have very little in common. If those two hundred balls a day is added a half hour per week teacher this is a significant development: there is a person who points the way to go. In thirty minutes you can correct a faulty grip, change the swing path and avoid a prominent slice, and then we face the same two hundred balls a day. However, the investment and is important and when we find a player taking classes tend to think he is doing much to improve their level. …continue reading

The Masters of 2012

The year 1960 is sometimes called the “Golden Year of Golf”. That summer, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan competed in the Masters of Augustus and U.S. Open, leading to one of the greatest spectacles in recent memory.

Nicklaus had not won a great and playing with a brazenly insulting to older players like Hogan, who by contrast had won nine majors and was an institution in America. The contrast between them and the winner of two tournaments away at the last Arnold Palmer have made you write more about that summer many other great players.

The Masters of 2012

“The Eternal Summer ” or first produced HBO documentary about golf in 2008 (” Back Nine at Cherry Hills “) are just one example of the impact of those two tournaments. Echoed in the history of golf has not been so great if Nicklaus and Palmer had not won as many majors later, so that at the time was difficult to gauge its relevance. His legend grew as he continued to gain. …continue reading

US Open 2012: Return the toughest test of golf

If last year Rory McIlroy in his victory at the U.S. Open winner set a new result, do not expect this year at The Olympic Club of San Francisco is down again this result, the USGA has decided that the U.S. Open again be that test where players are tested mentally and physically, while their ability to make shots.

US Open 2012

A par 70 of 7,170 yards, a route that has been increasing by 373 yards since the last U.S. Open played at this field in 1988 and features the longest par 5 in the history of the U.S. Open with 670 yards, a first 9 holes par 34 and par 36 seconds pair 9 … …continue reading

Korda wins the women’s Australian Open

American teenager Jessica Korda won the Australian Open on Sunday in women’s golf, her first title on the LPGA Tour. Korda emerged triumphant after the second hole of a playoff between six players, including Paraguayan Julieta Granada. The golfer 18 years holed a birdie putt from 25 meters for the victory.

Jessica Korda

Korda completed a double father-daughter in two different sports in the same city, Melbourne. Petr Korda, her Czech father, was consecrated in 1998 tennis champion of Australia Open by winning the final by Marcelo Rios. …continue reading

Woods vs. McIlroy, the first assault

During the first two first days of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald played together. The best player in the world face to face with the (for many) the best player in history and the reigning champion of the U.S. Open, a young man who oozes talent.

Woods vs. McIlroy

The confrontation was not crucial, since these were the first two rounds of the year in official competition of the three players, but golf, very moody at times, can not make the match in the same game the rest of the season. Donald left the fighting soon and could not keep pace with Woods and McIlroy, who returned to play together on Saturday. …continue reading

The Curious Case of Charles Howell III

Played the Sony Open in Hawaii ended with the victory of Johnson Wagner, or as has been nicknamed after mustache: “Mr. Mo”(mustache). Thirteen under par was enough to keep out Carl Petterson, Sean O’Hair, Harrison Frazar and Charles Howell III. The case of the latter player is, at least, peculiar. Of great promise of the circuit had not heard from him for years, and from the silence, is working hard to get back to victory.

Charles Howell III

Howell turned professional in 2000 and his first victory came quickly, just two years later at the Michelob Championship. At that time he was twenty years old and his name was strongly of one next to Sergio Garcia, as young guns to stop the reign of the great Tiger Woods. Expectations, as in most cases, fell on the shoulders of a boy who was far less prepared for this responsibility, and their game noticed. …continue reading