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Suitable for practicing the method

Some days throwing balls on the practice field where golf seems like a simple sport. It achieves a good pace and the balls start to come together on the same address, same flight and same point of landing. They are possibly encouraging a player to try more times, although there are twenty evil involved.

But can you lower your handicap by pulling two hundred balls a day? May be those times when all the muscles of the body flowing together mean that we are on track, we’re doing things right, but we also know that the court practice is very different from a golf course.

Suitable for practicing the method

In fact, they have very little in common. If those two hundred balls a day is added a half hour per week teacher this is a significant development: there is a person who points the way to go. In thirty minutes you can correct a faulty grip, change the swing path and avoid a prominent slice, and then we face the same two hundred balls a day. However, the investment and is important and when we find a player taking classes tend to think he is doing much to improve their level. …continue reading

US Open 2012: Return the toughest test of golf

If last year Rory McIlroy in his victory at the U.S. Open winner set a new result, do not expect this year at The Olympic Club of San Francisco is down again this result, the USGA has decided that the U.S. Open again be that test where players are tested mentally and physically, while their ability to make shots.

US Open 2012

A par 70 of 7,170 yards, a route that has been increasing by 373 yards since the last U.S. Open played at this field in 1988 and features the longest par 5 in the history of the U.S. Open with 670 yards, a first 9 holes par 34 and par 36 seconds pair 9 … …continue reading

The magic of golf match play mode

This week in which plays the Accenture Match Play 2012, it is special. The feature that sets these days of any calendar other golf tournament at the first level is the modality under which dispute the championship: match play.

The magic of golf match play mode

The match play in golf is a confrontation between two players in a war of 18 battles, or even more if a tiebreaker is needed later. It has nothing to do with the stroke play and requires a special strategy deployed by the field at all times, so that makes it unique and unequaled. …continue reading