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World Cup 2014: Curitiba could be excluded

The General Secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, Tuesday launched a stern warning in Curitiba, one of 12 host cities for the World Cup of soccer in Brazil, citing its possible exclusion if the works are progressing stage not.

“We can organize game without point, it is an emergency”, said Valcke in Curitiba, adding hope that the situation would evolve rapidly “for Curitiba does not stay out of the Cup” which place from 12 June to 13 July.

World Cup 2014

“What can I say? The question is tricky. Let’s be frank and direct. As you know, the current situation of the stage is not our taste”, said Valcke after an inspection of the stadium.

“Not only is it very late, but he escapes any good timing reset FIFA”, he has said during a press conference. …continue reading

FIFA pressed to Brazil to the certificate of Diego Costa

The Spanish Football Federation, at the request of the FIFA, has submitted a second request to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to convey to him the certificate of that Diego Costa has not contested any official party in any category of the green shirt selection, prerequisite so that it can be convened by Spain, since it is a naturalized by residence.

The Spanish Federation has already made a first request to the CBF on October 4 demanding that certificate. There was no answer. Yesterday, the FEF contact with FIFA to know as was the case and this Thursday the highest body of the world football recommended to the FEF that will send the request again and let me assure you that, if the next Tuesday the Brazilian Confederation has not responded, will be the FIFA that requires the document.

Diego Costa

The general feeling is that Brazil seeks to buy time. Their coach, Luis Felipe Scolari, intended to wait until his selection dispute their two friendly matches of FIFA two weeks, to Korea (Saturday) and Zambia (Tuesday), to travel to Europe and talk to Diego Costa to try to convince that do not compromise with Spain despite not led to the Confederations Cup and has not called him since March. …continue reading

Confederations Cup 2013, follow the schedule and results from the mobile

The Confederations Cup 2013 has already started but how to keep abreast of all the news, events, bookmarks and parties? Very easy: from mobile through various applications. The largest FIFA championship takes place this year in Brazil, but the distance and time difference need not be a problem to enjoy the best football wherever it is and at any time of day. 

It is a device application Android that while not official, it does have updated information at all times and sections full of interesting data as to its more ardent of football. So just log on to access this content, which are divided into different sections for convenience. 


Thus it is possible to know the teams participating in this competition, divided into different groups in which they participate. And not only that since, by clicking on the desired, you may know the games played and programmed , know the players that make it up, historical data and news related.  …continue reading

Blatter expects Brazil to play “to the Brazilian” in the World Cup 2014

The president of FIFA, Joseph Blatter expressed his hope that Brazil deploy their traditional way of playing football in the World Cup to be hosted in 2014, because in this way will be “a very nice tournament”.

“(Brazil) is the country of soccer. I just hope to play the Brazilian football team. If the Brazilian football is played will have a beautiful tournament”, said Blatter at a meeting with journalists.

Joseph Blatter

The head of world football spoke of progress of preparations world, which expressed concern earlier this year, ensuring that “the Brazilians are now aware of where they are” and “want to make a great World Cup”. …continue reading

Qatar supports World Cup 2022 to occur in winter

Vice President of FIFA, the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, calls for holding the World Cup Football in 2022 of Qatar during the European winter, to avoid extreme temperatures in June, July and August in the emirate.

In an interview published today by the German daily “Tagesspiegel”, the FIFA vice-president said that the change of dates is preferable, although the exclusive competence of Qatar and may force countries like Spain and the UK to change their usual schedules.

World Cup

“I think it’s better to play in winter. But that we must decide in any case the host”, said Al Hussein, after analyzing the climate of the emirate. …continue reading

The Secretary of FIFA commends the progress of Brazil for World Cup 2014

The secretary general of the FIFA, Jerome Valcke, praised on Thursday the registered advances by Brazil in the preparations for the World Cup 2014 and assured that the governing body of the soccer works in tuning with the local authorities in the preparation of the tournament.

Accompanied the Minister of sport, Aldo Rebelo, and members of the Local Organizing Committee of the World Cup 2014, Valcke told journalists his satisfaction by what he observed at the conclusion of the visit to three of the cities tournament headquarters: the northeastern Natal and Recife and the capital Brasilia.

Jerome Valcke

After the visits, he met in Brasilia with authorities of the government and of the LOC to know the advances in the preparations for the World Cup and the Confederations Cup of 2013. …continue reading

Clarence Seedorf: A Life of wins

There are many football players play up to a truly mature age, but there are few who are still playing and winning like they have 20 years. Clarence Seedorf is part of the latter group. A select group, a group of champions, a group of achievers, a group of sports stars.

Clarence Seedorf was born on April 1, 1976 in Suriname. Dutch citizen was soon to show his skill with the round. Nowadays it is 35 years old, counts on triple nationality (adding the Italian) and has renewed its contract with the AC Milan by a season more. Definitely he is a player that loves this sport.

Clarence Seedorf

Seedorf debuted in Ajax Amsterdam with neither more neither less than 16 years. This occurred on November 29, 1992 in a match against Groningen. At that time he became the youngest player to wear the shirt of Ajax. …continue reading