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Philippe Coutinho, a pearl in exile

The Brazilian has had to land in Cornella-El Prat to not see their progression slowed, as it has no place in the Inter Milan, Claudio Ranieri. However, it is one of the most admired by the swollen white players.

Philippe Coutinho

“Coutinho is the present of Espanyol and the future of Inter.” He is very young and off the field is flawless.” He described Marco Branca, the sports director of Inter Milan, the new pearl of Espanyol, who landed in Cornella – El Prat in late January in quality of loan until end of season. Thus, from the Italian club emphasized that the Brazilian footballer had a great career ahead in the nerazzurri box. …continue reading

The Basel, ready to make history

The Swiss club can become the surprise team in the Champions League this season. Performances like last night denote the existence of the Basel different than we are accustomed.

Basel players celebrating a goal

The 1-0 was experienced last night at St. Jakob Park is no accident, but a new sign that Switzerland has presented this year to a team that is determined to make history in the top European competition. Away from paper testimonial that we had used the team’s third most populous Swiss city, the wards of Heiko Vogel, who had trained in the youth ranks at Bayern Munich, he was given a football lesson to a group Bavarian could have become Germany with a defeat even more comfortable. …continue reading

The true leader of the Miami Heat

As we approach a new season, there have been many debates about who is the real leader of the Miami Heat, closing the discussion to two great basketball players today, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade.

Miami Heat

On the one hand, Wade has been the most important to Maimi for many years, his talent and leadership have led Miami to occupy important places in the classification of the NBA, and meanwhile Lebron James was able to carry a mediocre team as the Cleveland Cavaliers to the playoffs or even make a clear contender. …continue reading

NBA 2012: Los Angeles Lakers

See and tumble play as ugly as the Lakers in the finals of the 2011-2012 season past was something that came to surprise both his supporters and journalists and expert commentators of the sport. A team hierarchy with Los Angeles Lakers is unlikely to fall in the way as overwhelming as he said goodbye after being swept by the Dallas Mavericks.

Despite being an outcome that few people expected, the real expectations of the Lakers were not so high. Its holder base depends strongly on what can make Kobe Bryant, on the other hand his relay team far from being a solid team.

Los Angeles Lakers

If things continue, the future of the Lakers will soon begin to blur, as Bryant has begun to show signs of low level, which is normal if we consider the time it takes as a professional player, the downside is that within the squad seems to have a clear successor to Bryant, that is, someone with enough talent and personality to stay with the leadership team when Bryant reaches the twilight of his career. …continue reading