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The Liverpool departs from Luis Suarez for his “lack of respect”

The coach of Liverpool Brendan Rodgers has forced the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, who wants to go to a team that plays in the Champions League, to train alone for his “lack of respect” for the club.

As reported in the British press today, Rodgers denied that the English club had promised him Suarez, 26, who let him leave Anfield if they failed to qualify for the Champions League. The Arsenal and, according to British media, Real Madrid are the most interested.

Luis Suarez

“There is no promise, categorically no, and no broken promise”, insisted the Liverpool Northern Ireland coach, seventh in the last Premier, in which the Uruguayan was the second top scorer with 23 goals. …continue reading

The PSG makes official the signing of Uruguayan Cavani by 64 million

The Paris Saint Germain (PSG) signed by the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani for the next five years, as confirmed by the club at a press conference in the media. The PSG has paid 64 million euros, one more than in the clause set initially by “El Matador”, making it the most expensive player in the history of the French Ligue 1.

The salary of the former Napoli player will net € 10 million a year from next season. The owner of the club, Nasser al-Khelaifi, said that negotiations with the Naples have been “not easy” but was necessary to achieve his goal of making the PSG in the “best team in Europe”.

Edinson Cavani

“I have found the confidence of the team on me with all the steps you have done and all the money I have invested in my move”, said Cavani. …continue reading

Mourinho would take Xabi Alonso to Chelsea this summer

The arrival of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea next season is taken for granted in England after the elimination of Real Madrid in the Champions League. And the British media are now revealing many of the Portuguese coach’s plans for his return to the Premier.

Falcao or Lewandowski are some of the names that have come out in the media and to reinforce their new project. But the more impact it has had in recent times has been to Xabi Alonso. According to reports today ‘The Independent’, Mourinho wants to take it with him to Stamford Bridge.

Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso has one year left on his contract with Real Madrid. However, this season the club has long white several times when he has always renew and replacement at the end of the season to see their physical and an agreement not to compromise with the entity. By this conduct, and because it is known his love of Premier, it has come to talk about a possible return to Liverpool. …continue reading

Barcelona have received eleven goals from 80 minutes

In its farewell from San Mames, the Barça returned to see how colon escaped them in the last minute of the match thanks to a goal embedded in the final moments. It is a classic in this season that Barcelona team has received more goals in the last 20 years.

The failures of attention of the Barcelona team in the final stretches of the parties brought a good number of dislikes the doorman on duty. Many of these goals, besides costing valuable points, we have greatly complicated things Vilanova team in the Champions League tie.

Ander Herrera

The latest example was in San Mames, when the stroke of 90 minutes, Ander Herrera got the goal that prevented a possible Barca victory chant. …continue reading

Cristiano Ronaldo is not reserved for the Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo will be tomorrow at San Mames. He will be a holder. He has recovered from the concussion he had in his right leg being kicked from Amrabat in the 93rd minute in the quarterfinal round against Galatasaray. The Portuguese kept resting one day, took a special treatment and is ready to play.

He does not want to be lost the last visit to San Mames, a stadium in which in the two last commitments has shone like better player of the party. Christian is not reserved for the Champions League. 12 days left for the first leg of the semifinals against Borussia Dortmund and Portuguese parties want to maintain the level of excellence you have now.

Cristiano Ronaldo

While the League and given up for lost (the club is 13 points), Cristiano does not like being on the bench. This season he has scored 29 goals in 29 games, one goal per game. Messi has 43 goals this season and if he does not play against Zaragoza, the Portuguese could cut the distance it takes the Argentine. …continue reading

Thiago Silva: “We know the weakness of Barcelona”

The captain of Paris Saint Germain, Thiago Silva, said that the French team knows “the soft underbelly of Barcelona” and that they “try to exploit” this Tuesday in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, in a tie that he sees “two tough games” and faced with “possibilities” to overcome.

“The current Barcelona is a bit different from Guardiola, but the players are the same. It is not even something on the field, but perhaps in command, because of that change. But do not think that mark so many differences, because Vilanova the coaching staff Guardiola knew well and continue to do a good job. People talk, analyzes the results, but I think that change has not been as sharp as you think. It should be dealing with them to meet the challenges. We know their weakness and we will try to exploit it. But I can not tell here how we will”, Silva said in an interview with ”fifa.com”.

Thiago Silva

The Brazilian conceded that “Barcelona is always the favorite against any team he faces”, a status that comes from “its recent history and the highest level it has reached”. However, that role “is off the court”, because, on the lawn, the PSG has “the potential to change this order”. …continue reading

Mourinho put Cristiano Ronaldo four times of nine

Mourinho could return to situate Christian nine before the low of Higuain and Benzema doubt. The Portuguese, who if he scores a goal match people in League with 126, has already, played four times in that position. The first was on January 16, 2011 in Almeria. It was full of controversy by signing a nine and finished breaking his relationship with Valdano.

That same season also put him in that position in the Cup final against Barcelona on 27 April and in the first leg of Champions League semifinals, Guardiola repeated before. After the match of the Champions League Cristiano showed his displeasure by playing in that position: “I do not like to play well, but I have to adapt to what you ask …”. In the next league match against Zaragoza Mou no summoned him and fell Madrid (2-3). The last time Cristiano was acted nine this season against Levante. He scored but he had to be replaced at halftime with a strong nudge by David Navarro.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Option B. The other possibility is that Mourinho has Morata align the striker. With this alternative the technician could leave Di Maria on the bench for his lack of attitude against Celta (he was replaced at halftime) and align alley on the right wing and Christian on the left. …continue reading

Mourinho: “Wrong arbitration? Pepe once broke his tibia to Alves”

Jose Mourinho was visibly angry with the arbitration of Italian Rocchi, but bit his tongue to avoid consequences punishable. “I have a sanction pending” he recalled. In the same way that spent an Inter-Milan derby in which Rocchi struck which then was his team.

The match: “In the first half we had the opportunity to score 0-2 and were over the shock. We had it all under control and managed to win the second time because we have a penalty against and one red. It is you who have to judge whether or not penalty. I’m on the bench. If indeed it is a red card and penalty, fine, otherwise nothing”. Then, at a press conference, a journalist asked: “what penalty? So I answer in Valdebebas”.

Jose Mourinho

Worse to remember: “already lost a semi-final by a goal that did not, another in which Pepe broke the tibia and fibula to Alves, two semi-finals which I lost on penalties… In Barcelona I was one hour with ten and here only 20 minutes. I’ve had much worse moments. This is the acceptable”. …continue reading

Zenit St Petersburg disbursed $ 126 million by signing Hulk and Axel Witsel

The Portuguese League digests recent unexpected sales and Zenit St Petersburg for two of their banners, the Brazilian “Hulk”, of Oporto, and Belgium’s Axel Witsel of Benfica, in exchange for $ 126 million.

A few hours after the Russian market closed its registration for the UEFA, Zenit, rival Spanish Malaga in the Champions League, broke records of disbursement in Portugal to pay in one day clause Witsel (50.63 million dollars) and about 75 other “Hulk” to hire them for five seasons.

Axel Witsel

Pass the Colombian Radamel Falcao from Porto to Atletico Madrid in 2011 for 50.63 million dollars was until yesterday the most expensive football recruiting Luso. …continue reading

“If I dismantled the team, I’m going”

“If I dismantled the team, I’m going”. The phrase is from Manuel Pellegrini to staff last Friday, before embarking on the journey to tour Italy and Greece, which concludes today. The engineer is angry about how he met the day before the entity wants to do without it for be unable to pay. It is therefore not expected an easy way out.

In fact, expect to have more arguments. As indicated by his words to his men, he wants to await the final configuration of the campus, especially in the chapter on low; for reasons muster a complaint comes to negotiate with the leaders.

Manuel Pellegrini

As this newspaper report on Saturday, the Chilean coach has decided to sit on the bench to play Espanyol at least prior to the Champions League. This is what has confessed to his closest circles, who have been allowed to see his displeasure at the attitude of the owners in all this, of those considered to have no face. …continue reading

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