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Heynckes suggests his retirement and is no longer an alternative

Jupp Heynckes to coach Bayern Munich now, suggested today his retirement from football after his last season with the Bavarian club in which he won three to win the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League, but left a smallish door open to return: “I do not like the final word. I shall leave holiday and reflect”. He confirmed, though, that not lead to any team next season.

Heynckes, of 68 years, had been mentioned repeatedly in recent days among the candidates to succeed the Portuguese Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid bench. At Bayern Munich, Heynckes will be replaced by the Spanish Pep Guardiola. The Carlo Ancelotti ofMadrid should accelerate or look for a plan B.

Jupp Heynckes

“The last two years have been very intense. I have only lived for football and personal life is very short. I have not had or one day free last year. During the last few weeks I have noticed that I have reached an age where you can feel the tension clearly. I have been in an extreme situation. I told my wife last year that it intended to fulfill my contract until 2013 and I go. I have had offers from rich clubs. But the money does not a matter”, said Heynckes. …continue reading

Guardiola will coach the Bayern

Josep Guardiola will coach Bayern Munich from June 2013 to 2016, according to a statement released by the German club. Jupp Heynckes, technical leader of the Bundesliga, will be run next summer and will be relieved by former Barca coach.

Markus Horwick, media director of the Bayern, was announced via a tweet that tops with the word “Perfect”. In the text confirms that he will take over the team next summer and signed for three seasons, until June 2016. In the same communiqué announced that Jupp Heynckes, of 67 years, will end his career as a technician when he ends this season.

Josep Guardiola

In fact, Heynckes had made it known to the club, according to various sources, this would be his last campaign, and that accelerated negotiations with Guardiola when he pointed to England, because in a video that had asked the Federation of the country on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his Foundation said that his dream was to ” run in the Premier”. …continue reading

Qatar supports World Cup 2022 to occur in winter

Vice President of FIFA, the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, calls for holding the World Cup Football in 2022 of Qatar during the European winter, to avoid extreme temperatures in June, July and August in the emirate.

In an interview published today by the German daily “Tagesspiegel”, the FIFA vice-president said that the change of dates is preferable, although the exclusive competence of Qatar and may force countries like Spain and the UK to change their usual schedules.

World Cup

“I think it’s better to play in winter. But that we must decide in any case the host”, said Al Hussein, after analyzing the climate of the emirate. …continue reading