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Barcelona denies having proposed a fiscal agreement

Barcelona have issued a statement this morning in which “categorically denies” who made a deal with prosecutors to close the possible crime with the Treasury derivative ‘Case Neymar’. In this alleged agreement, the Barcelona admits the existence of a tax offense, but pay fees disappointed in exchange for avoiding a trial.

Barcelona says his meeting counsel for the Catalan club with prosecutors on March 5 was to “communicate the procedural status” and “establish legal positions”, stating that in no case counsel had the mandate to agree with prosecutors to close the case.


Below we reproduce the full statement from FC Barcelona:

“Following some information published in the last hours, the FC Barcelona categorically denies being transferred to the Attorney willingness to reach an agreement with the agreement to admit the existence of an offense against the Public Treasury, thus closing the open court case for tax violation filed in the High Court in relation to player recruitment Neymar. …continue reading

Messi voted in three Hercules and Christiano to Falcao, Bale and Özil

The FIFA has made public the votes of the Golden Ball that finally won Cristiano Ronaldo and in them you can see that Leo Messi command their three votes to companions of Barcelona. The Argentine supported Iniesta, Xavi and Neymar.

Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to Radamel Falcao, Gareth Bale and Mesut Özil. The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque, chose Xavi, Iniesta and Ribery among the three best players of 2013.


In voting on the captains and coaches, in addition to the three final players (Cristiano, Messi and Ribery) also appear other players like Ozil, Thiago Silva, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Pirlo, Luis Suarez, Müller, Van Persie, Lewandowski, Yaya Touré, Robben or Cavani. …continue reading

Real Madrid and Barcelona play pointing back to the Final Four

The Euroleague 2013-14 started yesterday with two games (Bamberg, Strasbourg and Siena-Galatasaray) and two of the four Spanish teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, among the favorites to be in the Final Four of Milan according to bookmakers. If forecasts are met, white and Barca repeats participation in the final stage of the tournament. Last May, the Madrid beat Barca in the semi-finals in London and later succumbed to Olympiacos, who became champion.

Despite its recent list of winners and continuity of its star, Vassilis Spanoulis, the Greek team is surpassed in the betting for the Messina CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul of Obradovic. Not surprisingly, given that the two coaches have 12 Euroleague titles, four Italian and has won eight Serbian. Panathinaikos, perennial favorite, credit and continues to Turkish Efes and Galatasaray also given possibilities, like the Israeli Maccabi and Italian Milan and Siena.

Real Madrid and Barcelona

Outsiders in the group include Spanish Unicaja and Baskonia, along with others who can arouse much as Lokomotiv Kuban Russian, French champion surprising Nanterre and Bayern Munich, mythical section of German football club that reaches continental elite finally with a little help from the Euroleague in the form of invitation. ACB teams start out with attractive matches. …continue reading

A preliminary contract with the Milan away to Ljajic of Atletico of Madrid

In Italy they closed the agreement for the transfer of Ljajic between Fiorentina and Atletico for 10 million euros, a fact which, unfortunately for Atletico, not about the Manzanares footballer. The truth is that right now, the arrival of Serbian is virtually ruled out. The reason is that Ljajic, unknown before Fiorentina has signed a pre-contract with Milan.

In recent weeks, both the Atleti as Fali Ramadani, Serbian agent, have tried to find a way to cancel the preliminary agreement with the Italian club. Led by Andrea Berta, attached to Atletico sports management, attempts were invalid and Atletico has taken a step back in their contacts with the team of Florence and the player himself, despite his strong desire to be transferred to Madrid.


Losing Ljajic option is a hard blow for Atletico, as it was one of the few players at once affordable and quality left in the market. The Serb came to meet the theoretical lower Adrian and sports management now have to seek other options, although the club economy severely restricts their possibilities. …continue reading

Indignation in Chicago by the concrete platform of Lionel Messi

They paid $ 2,500 to spend at least 30 seconds with Leo Messi, but instead received a plastic ball, and a shirt with the signature silk-screened: the Argentine star is the center of the reviews and complaints from media and fans in the United States for his controversial tour charity matches, especially organized on Saturday in Chicago.

Seventy-five people bought the pass VIP which promised a personal encounter with the front of Barcelona, which in the 68th minute of the match “Messi and friends against the rest of the world” was replaced and left the stadium to start their holiday in Ibiza. None met fans before the game and at halftime. “But where are you going?”- said former player Alexi Lalas, game commentator for the network ESPN.

Lionel Messi

In recent days, the fans, especially those who paid the VIP pass, expressed dissatisfaction, increasing criticisms and complaints against the star by a controversial charity tour in the United States. “We have not received formal communication from the promoter or the return of the money,” Holli Alexandra Towe told the “Chicago Tribune” newspaper, which is collecting complaints from fans. …continue reading

Lionel Messi: “Ronaldinho was to blame for the change in Barcelona”

In eleven days’ met a decade of his move to Barcelona, the Catalan club’s board ready a tribute to one of his last major references: the Brazilian Ronaldinho. In fact, the club already made public a summary of the documentary called “When the Barza regained smile”, in which talks about the crack Argentinian star Lionel Messi.

“I always said, from the first moment I walked in the locker room, Ronaldinho and other Brazilian-Deco, Sylvinho and Motta-I received and provided me things. Ronaldinho But mostly because the team was concerning. I learned a lot by his side”, said Messi.

Lionel Messi

“It was a big help. It is never easy to go into a locker room with 16 and under with my way of being. Ronaldinho made me everything easier. I was fortunate to live near and share many things with it. I can say that is a great person and that’s the most important thing”, added the Argentine striker. …continue reading

Guardiola admits that he would not have won without Messi

The former head coach of Barcelona Josep Guardiola admitted that without the Argentine striker Lionel Messi, the Spanish team would have been different in full football projection.

“Of course. All great players have a huge impact in the case of Messi” in Barcelona, said the strategist, in the talk with the director of the newspaper El Tiempo, Roberto Pombo, which was published Wednesday. Pep, who came to Colombia to give a lecture on leadership and teamwork, spread praise for the Argentine player, who he said “has been a fundamental part” in his training as a coach.


“You have to do things to make you want the whole world, but the immediate environment. With Messi is the same: all you can say I fall short of praise”, said helmsman successful Spanish during the interview. …continue reading

Barcelona have received eleven goals from 80 minutes

In its farewell from San Mames, the Barça returned to see how colon escaped them in the last minute of the match thanks to a goal embedded in the final moments. It is a classic in this season that Barcelona team has received more goals in the last 20 years.

The failures of attention of the Barcelona team in the final stretches of the parties brought a good number of dislikes the doorman on duty. Many of these goals, besides costing valuable points, we have greatly complicated things Vilanova team in the Champions League tie.

Ander Herrera

The latest example was in San Mames, when the stroke of 90 minutes, Ander Herrera got the goal that prevented a possible Barca victory chant. …continue reading

The Madrid is oxygenated before a Celta running out of air

The party is assumed by both sides as an inconvenience to not be waived. Real Madrid comes to knock in a week to Barca and Manchester United, which is equivalent to seven days to conquer America and Oceania.

Surely the Madridistas prefer stand today in the nearby resort of La Toja: seaweed wrap and Niagara bath. The Celta also not a bad excuse: next Friday they will play in Riazor a derby to life or death, and in that duel will be crucial inspiration of Iago Blades, a card suspension.

Real Madrid

The picture, as noted is peculiar. The Madrid (without Varane, Coentrao and Ramos) defends prestige, sniffs to the Athletic one and harbors the remote hope that the Barça fall against the Milan and be undone in the championship. The Celta is torn between the need to score points today and the requirement to do so on Friday. …continue reading

The Barcelona, favorite before the Real Madrid in the bets

Real Madrid and Barcelona will meet next Wednesday 30th at the Bernabeu in the first ame of the semi-final of the Copa del Rey. With the Barcelona to 15 points of difference in the League and the numerous drops of the team of the Madrid for the match, the bets have overrated by the victory of the assembly of Tito Vilanova.

By the victory of the Real Madrid is paid slightly more than 2.60 per euro bet. ‘Bet365′ offers 2.62 euro by the 2.50 per euro bet that pays by the victory of the Barcelona, being the house of bets that offers the most similar quantities.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Other houses of bets, as ‘Ladbrokes’ or ‘bwin’, they opt the scale of the side of the Catalonian team, whose victory is paid to 2.40 set against the 2.65, even 2.70 that offer for the triumph of the Real Madrid. …continue reading

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