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Neymar steps outside lawn and trains with Pique and Alba

The Barcelona, preparing the decisive match against Atletico Madrid next Saturday, has trained under orders from Tata Martino in a training session in which Jordi Alba, Piqué and Neymar face the final stretch of their injuries. Isaac Cuenca, who participated in the Copa Catalunya, has trained normally with his teammates.

Meanwhile, Neymar has made specific work before jumping into the grass next to Pique and Jordi Alba and competition in the game that will decide the league is still very doubtful.


Piqué was a crack in the hip that has set him apart from the team leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions, and Jordi Alba has not played since he had the hamstring injury in the femoral biceps of his right leg in the final of Cup Rey against Real Madrid at Mestalla. Neymar also injured in the Cup final because of a concussion that caused edema in the fourth metatarsal in his left foot. …continue reading

Atletico Madrid follows Vitolo, the pearl of Las Palmas

The Athletic one continues to Vitolo the pearl of The Palms and one of the player’s revelations of the Second Division. Atletico sports management has made a detailed monitoring footballer of 23 years and he sees a bright future in the First Division. Without going further the next season.

It is the only team that is watching Atletico in detail the evolution of the promise, reality, Las Palmas. Valencia will have as one of its goals for the next season even observed a preferential right over him when last summer ended with the yellow team the transfer of Jonathan Veira and Barcelona scouts have followed him live several times during the this year.


His twelve goals in the category of silver, his great vision, their hard work and profile band ambidextrous have seduced pullover sports management. Vitolo can adapt perfectly to any of the three positions behind the tip in the 4-2-3-1 or both sides in the 4-4-2 systems are been used Atletico. In Las Palmas is acting, mostly, on the left side showing a deadly one on one and a punch. …continue reading

Casillas: “We agree that Atletico will win Barca…”

Casillas wore dark suit, blue tie of Prussia and permanent smile to receive the ACE Award certifying him as one of the best sportsmen of the year. It was the second of his career after obtained in 2010 as a member of the national team, but this makes honor-individually-to his achievements in the past and Euro League. Maybe that’s why even more special.

Casillas came and went with the same ease and friendliness always. He greeted to Del Bosque, Falcao, Mireia, Contador, Valverde, Alejandro Blanco, Teresa Perales and Laura Gil – the rest of winners – as one who feels part of a unique and exclusive club. Smiled at them, the rest of the guests, to the press gathered at the Gala already who dared to ask him for a photo. He spared no generosity. Iker felt happy in a scenario in which returned to feel supported by the readers of ACE, the real architects of this recognition.


“I want to savor and enjoy. People have in mind what I have done this year and reward my work. We have made great achievements and that has had a positive impact. I want to thank Real Madrid, the Spanish and the rest of the fans in Overall I have voted”, he says. …continue reading

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Malaga won the Copa del Rey

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Malaga, stressed the enormous difference that distance them from their respective rivals in the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey and gave rise to no surprise to stop access to round seal.

Zaragoza won at Granada (1-0). Almería and Las Palmas are also ahead in their matches against teams from Primera. The Andalusian side beat Celtic (2-0) and the island to Ray (1-0).


Real Madrid, plagued with reserves and claims of the quarry, responded to the expectations in the field of the Alcoyano. Victim of bad past experiences sealed the win as he had the opportunity to shake off the enthusiastic local pawn. …continue reading

Zenit St Petersburg disbursed $ 126 million by signing Hulk and Axel Witsel

The Portuguese League digests recent unexpected sales and Zenit St Petersburg for two of their banners, the Brazilian “Hulk”, of Oporto, and Belgium’s Axel Witsel of Benfica, in exchange for $ 126 million.

A few hours after the Russian market closed its registration for the UEFA, Zenit, rival Spanish Malaga in the Champions League, broke records of disbursement in Portugal to pay in one day clause Witsel (50.63 million dollars) and about 75 other “Hulk” to hire them for five seasons.

Axel Witsel

Pass the Colombian Radamel Falcao from Porto to Atletico Madrid in 2011 for 50.63 million dollars was until yesterday the most expensive football recruiting Luso. …continue reading

Florentino Perez: “Real Madrid is a club universal and knows no boundaries”

The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, thanked the support received by the president of the Commonwealth of Marid, Esperanza Aguirre; today received the team at the headquarters of the Community in the Puerta Del Sol also Florentino said that work to return with new titles next season.

“We’re here again, as Esperanza Aguirre promised a year ago, is an honor to return to the headquarters of the Community. This club is a universal and knows no boundaries, but this is our land and to celebrate with the locals is a source of pride. This is proof that never ceases to reach Madrid challenges that may seem difficult or impossible. Merit is a tremendous staff and a great coach, who are already part of the club’s history, with numbers that deolvidar difiles will”, said Florentino Perez.

Florentino Perez

“There comes the League 32 in our 110 years and we are confident that the new title comes with our usual values: talent, sacrifice and seamless defense of our colors. …continue reading

Spanish Festival in the Europe League, three teams in semifinals

After the classification of the Barcelona and the Real Madrid for the semifinals of the Champions, the Spanish soccer continues to reap success and will have other three representatives in the semifinals of the Europe League.

The Athletic of Bielsa sealed in a pass to the semifinals, again, crowded San Mames before a very combative Schalke 04, which was ahead on two occasions. The Lions responded quickly to each of the two German goals and left without options the team of Raul.

Spanish Festival in the Europa League

The Spanish player of Schalke again demonstrated that it is a real “crack” on and off the field; it was the second goal after the match and congratulated each and every one of the opposing players, spoke a good time for television and said goodbye to the audience to applause. A true gentleman! …continue reading

Two geniuses of Ronaldo and Messi give victory to Madrid and Barcelona

Two geniuses of Ronaldo and Messi give victory to Madrid and Barcelona. Both won out, but did so very different. While Real Madrid did nothing and was brazenly aided by referee, Barcelona was a good game against an Atletico Madrid who fought until the last minute.

Ronaldo and Messi

The Mourinho signed a bad game and only a genius in the form of heel from Cristiano Ronaldo kept the leader will leave a few points against Vallecas before good lightning. A light that had the better occasions of goal, but was not successful. …continue reading