With an extraordinary goal of the Chilean striker Arturo Vidal, Juventus defeated this Sunday 3-0 to the Napoli and approached two behind Milan in the Italian league. To eight dates of the term of the championship, the Juventus was put to shot of the Milan: 64 points against 62.

Leonardo Bonucci opened the scoring for the home side after 52 minutes, to deflect the ball with his knee and so deceive the Neapolitan goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis.

Juventus won a victory against Napoli

Vidal scored the second goal after 75 and it was a work of art. After evading two defenders with a series of Neapolitan dribbling, Chilean defined with a left-footed shoe from a very angled.

The 3-0 final was the work of Fabio Quagliarella to seven minutes from time. Napoli finished with ten men after the expulsion of 86 of its Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zuniga to deal it a nudge in the face Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini.

In the struggle by the third one since assigns the last plaza for the next League of Champions, Lazio marks the step with 51, after losing on Saturday 3-1 set against the Parma. Later they continue Napoli and Udinese, both with 48; Rome with 47 and Inter with 44.