There are no guarantees to betting and gambling, it is the nature of the game. There are common sense approaches to how you do it though which do have some merit and can give you a greater chance of at least breaking even.

Choose Your Game Wisely:

It goes without saying that there are some games that you have better odds of winning on than others. Weighing up things like luck versus skill are considerations that you should bear in mind. The amount of people playing a game should also come into play as it might affect the amounts that you can win. If you play Hook a Duck at the local fair, you know without doubt that you will win something. What you have to consider is that what you actually win is actually worth less than the amount that you paid to play the game. This is how all games are played. Are you just playing for the fun? Is that what is important to you? Or do you actually want to be in with a chance of actually winning a decent amount of money? Games that involve no skill and just luck like roulette are unlikely to provide you with a decent pot of winnings. Betting on races or events where you have no control over the outcome is also unlikely to pay off in the long term.


Understand the Game:

Once you know what it is that you want to play, be it poker, racing or going to purchase lottery tickets, make sure that you understand the odds and rules. Try and stack them in your favour if possible and learn all the tricks to make the chances of winning greater. Sometimes it pays to watch what other people do before you start joining in. You can learn a great deal by people watching. Practice at games that require skills so that you can take full advantage of the rewards available.

Know Your Limits:

It is very easy to get carried away with the moment. Whatever it is that you decide to play, know when it is time to stop. This can be a very hard thing to do, especially if you are on a winning streak. Inevitably though the odds will turn against you and you will start losing your winnings. Set an amount that you are happy to spend and stick to it. Sometimes having someone with you can help avoid that guilty feeling the day after.


Odds and mathematics are the best ways of working out which games are the ones which are most likely to pay dividends. Try sticking to the games where you can work out some sort of strategy and which demand some thinking and skill if it is money that you are in it for. If it is just for fun, than luck might be your lady.