Roger Federer feels at home at Wimbledon, where he won seven of their 17 Grand Slam tournaments. Now he expected to the legendary Stadium of lawn help conquer a large title that has been elusive: the Olympic gold medal in singles.

“I think I have an asterisk next to my statistics”, said Federer on Monday, when he returned to Wimbledon to give interviews after beating the day before Andy Murray and rise for the seventh time with the Wimbledon trophy. “I am a Wimbledon champion again and that gives me more confidence to the Olympics”.

Roger Federer

“In fact, I might take some pressure off the fact that he won this year at Wimbledon”. Federer will not be staying in the athletes’ village but rent the house that rents always near the All England Club.

The Swiss was already in three Olympics and met his wife Mirka, a former tennis player, in the 2000 games. The Swiss flag bearer at the inaugural ritual he was twice and been offered to be it, but has not yet responded and said that it could allow another person to receive that honor on this occasion. He won the doubles gold medal in pairs with Stanislas Wawrinka in Beijing four years ago.

The singles gold medal would be an ideal gift for someone who has everything. And have a special flavor, because come on the site where it won its first grand slam title, the Wimbledon 2003.

His success at Wimbledon again allowed returning to the top of the standings and matching Pete Sampras’s record of 286 weeks as world number one.

“Obviously, the Olympics is the next goal”, Federer said in an interview of 15 minutes with a half dozen journalists. “I went step by step. I wanted to stick my all out at Wimbledon, take a break, back to work and go to the Olympics, where hopefully I can play well”.

The organizers of the games start to take over the All England Club on Tuesday and just prepare for the Olympics.

By Monday, there was much activity. He disarmed a giant electronic board and they were getting rid of old flowers. Trade also rose with umbrellas and other objects alluding to Wimbledon.

“It seems that they will change everything. It will be something different. The staff is going to change”, said Federer. “You find familiar faces here. But this time it will be. It will be a slight disappointment. But I am sure that the International Olympic Committee will make everything work right”.