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Should major league baseball lower the mound?

Baseball has a problem: Clayton Kershaw, Aroldis Chapman, Felix Hernandez and all the other kings of the hill are too good. They rule with an assortment of curves, slippery surprising and fast 100 miles per hour. This new generation of launchers plunged major hitters in a deep lethargy.

The highs for strikeouts, the hollow wave with respect to circuits and worry that the sport becomes boring remind some 1968 when Bob Gibson, Denny McLain and other pitchers dominated.

Clayton Kershaw

At that time, baseball had adopted a radical solution: the mound was lowered from 15 to 10 inches and the area of reduced catches. With the addition of four expansion teams, the result was an increase of 11 points in batting average in 1969 and 19% more points. …continue reading

NBA: Rockets want Chris Bosh

The Houston Rockets are willing to offer a four-year contract worth $ 96 million to Chris Bosh, whose departure from Miami that could seal LeBron James, the American press reported Monday. According to ESPN, the Rockets have made offers maximum contract allowed by NBA rules for Bosh, seriously considering leaving the Heat.

The 30 years in Miami since 2010, is a member of the “Big Three” that allowed the Heat won two NBA titles in 2012 and 2013 and play four NBA finals, the last lost against San Antonio.

Chris Bosh

Bosh finished the 2013-14 regular season averaging 16.1 points, 6.5 rebounds per game, is the worst year of his career in the NBA after his first season in Toronto in 2003-04. Bosh is presented as “the” key player in the transfer window: if it were to leave Miami, would result in the departure of LeBron James and ricochets other transfers to the main NBA franchises. …continue reading

3 Most Surprising N.L. Teams This Season

At Northbet’s Twitter feed, you will get the latest information and perspective on Major League Baseball and other sports. New stories are being written about the various teams in the big leagues. Which National League teams have left a mark heading into June?

1 – Colorado Rockies  

The Rockies, playing at Coors Field in the high elevation of Denver, always need to be very prolific on offense if they want to do big things. So far this season, that’s exactly what has happened, and it’s why the Rockies are exceeding expectations to this point in the season. The deeper part of the story, though, is that the Rockies didn’t seem to have the lineup, one through eight, that was ready to score at a very high rate. Dexter Fowler left for the Houston Astros, and the lower part of the order did not figure to be all that strong. Todd Helton has long since retired. It was felt to be a new era in Denver, and not for the right reasons. The Rockies’ hitters were not supposed to have been able to stand in against the San Francisco Giants’ and Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitchers.


They’ve been up to the challenge, creating 27 wins near the two-month mark of the season. Three of the Rockies’ hitters have been among the best in the league. Some of these hitters, such as Troy Tulowitzki, are ones you’d expect, but others have come from nowhere to be very productive. If these hitters can keep up a torrid pace, the Rockies, who have scored more runs than any other team in baseball (over 259), will stay in the hunt.

2 – Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers have had Ryan Braun get injured, but before he was injured, Braun did figure to be an important part of Milwaukee’s lineup. Braun’s presence in the Brewers’ strong start to the season is no surprise at all. The reality of a big season for the Brewers, however, is something of a brain-bender.

Milwaukee, after games on Sunday, May 25, had given up a grand total of only 187 runs, putting them in the top 10 in Major League Baseball. The keys to the Brewers have been young starter Wily Peralta, who has performed at the level of a staff ace through nearly two months, even though Yovani Gallardo and Kyle Lohse entered the season with higher credentials. The other really big part of Milwaukee’s success this season has been closer Francisco Rodriguez, who has re-invented his career in many ways. If Peralta and K-Rod remain on top of their game, the Brewers are going to continue to be a factor through late September.

3 – Miami Marlins

The deeper and more sobering truth about the Marlins is that their best player, their franchise player, is gone for the season. Ace Jose Fernandez will need surgery and will have to patiently rehabilitate in time for the 2015 season. While this happens, though, baseball fans and followers need to realize that the Marlins have not fallen apart. They’ve remained tough, and are in second place in the National League East, just a few games behind the division-leading Atlanta Braves.

The Red Sox are champions

This time, the Red Sox fans have felt the joy of triumph in their own stadium. Their favorite beat St. Louis 6-1 on Wednesday to win the World Series and in six games to the Cardinals.

The game summary

This is the third consecration Sox since 2004, but their first savored at venerable Fenway Park since 1918. The last two triumphs Sox in 2004 and 2007 were embodied in St. Louis and Denver, respectively.

Red Sox

Talk about the blog Philippe Cantin

The Red Sox scored three runs in both the third and fourth. Shane Victorino was first cleared trails with a double in the third. In the next round, a circuit Stephen Drew was followed by productive single Mike Napoli and Victorino. …continue reading

David Ortiz is approaching a record for World Series

The banner is hung from a lamppost on a street adjacent to Fenway Park. You can see the profile of David Ortiz, who smiled at the fullest, and read the words “OCTOBER BASEBALL”. It is literally the face of the franchise. And this is, again, the time of year.

“I don’t think you can expect more of an individual that what he is doing, on the ground as on the outside, has declared the as starting from the Red Sox, Jon Lester. The guy has a heart of gold”. And a staff that is constantly hammers the ball or knocks fences.

David Ortiz

To win a third World Series in 10 years, the power hitter the Red Sox will also have the chance to establish a new brand for the highest batting average in the history of the fall classic. Ortiz batting, 733, while the record is, 750. It belongs to Billy Hatcher, who maintained that average snoring in 1990 for the Cincinnati Reds, who swept the Oakland Athletics. …continue reading

Reds show the door to Dusty Baker

The Cincinnati Reds has fired their manager Dusty Baker, who helped them find their best day since the time of the “Big Red Machine” but never managed to lead beyond the first round of the playoffs.

The decision came three days after the Reds had lost the account of the match 6-2 in the fourth as played in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night, and nearly a week after the team had completed the regular season with five losses of a row.

Dusty Baker

There was one season to the two-year contract that the 64 year old man was signed in October 2012. Baker led the Reds until the playoffs three times in the past four seasons, never go further, however. …continue reading

Scola led the Suns

The Argentine power forward Luis Scola scored 22 points and became the leader of the attack of the Phoenix Suns, who defeated 81-97 at home by the Bulls in Chicago and ended a run of four consecutive defeats.

Phoenix had lost 12 straight games as the visiting team, and made his first victory outside his field since beating the Cleveland Cavaliers, on 27 November. Scola played 28 minutes, scored 9 of 15 shots from the field, was perfect on-staff April 4, had seven rebounds, three assists and recovered a ball.

Luis Scola

The Argentine international player was supported by the reserve power forward Michael Beasley, who scored 20 points and grabbed six, rebounds, but committed five turnovers. The point guard Sebastian Telfair, who also left the bench got 13 so many, six rebounds, five assists, recovered a ball and put a stopper. …continue reading

The Jays agree to the transfer of Farrell

The Blue Jays have concluded an agreement with the Boston Red Sox Sunday to free their obligations with the team manager, allowing it to join rivals section is American. The Blue Jays also acquired the player the Red Sox Mike Aviles infield, in return for the left-handed pitcher David Carpenter.

Farrell has just completed his second season at the helm of the Blue Jays, looping the 2012 campaign with a record of 73-89. Torontonians have led in the fourth and penultimate place in their section.


Farrell was named the 12th manager in the history of the Blue Jays in October 2010. He compiled a 154-170 record in two seasons with the Blue Jays. …continue reading

The Yankees returned the favor to Baltimore

An error of the shortstop JJ Hardy with the full bases permitted to New York to complete a recovery in the seventh episode so that the Yankees to conquer for 4-3 to the Orioles of Baltimore to restore his advantage of three parties in the top of the American League East Division.

Dull to the bat all the afternoon, the Yankees came back with three runs in the seventh against a hesitant bullpen of Baltimore. The streaking Orioles had 13 straight wins in games decided by one run until they dropped the first day of September.

J.J. Hardy

The newly promoted Dominican Eduardo Nunez singled with two outs in the game which took Wei-Yin Chen (12-8) and placed the board 3-2. …continue reading

The Yankees put the slump persecuted a high

Robinson Cano hit a grand slam in a seven-run third inning and New York pounded again Zach Britton at Yankee Stadium to deal it to the Baltimore Orioles beat 12 – 3. The triumph permitted to the Yankees to put an end to a gust of wind of four routs.

Derek Jeter had three hits and drove in three runs and Joba Chamberlain returned from injury at the elbow and ankle that had sidelined since June 5 last season. Phil Hughes (11-8) allowed no home runs for only the fifth time this year.

Robinson Cano

One day after blowing a five-run lead in the first inning before falling 11-5, New York won for only the fourth time in 13 and restored a lead of 6.5 games atop the Eastern Division of the American League. The Yankees avoided what would have been his first run of five defeats this season. …continue reading