Thomas Vanek tied to an investigation into illegal paris

The former player of the Montreal Canadiens Thomas Vanek reportedly met with U.S. Federal agents Monday, relatively to an investigation into illegal betting in the bar and restaurant Marina of Charlotte, a district of Rochester, New York.

“Representatives of the United States government asked my cooperation in an investigation. I’m not targeted by an investigation or prosecution. I agree to cooperate fully with federal authorities”, said Vanek agent, Steve Bartlett, speaking on behalf of his client.


The meeting took place in Rochester. Questioned by a reporter as he left the Federal Court, the hockey player declined to comment. He was accompanied by his attorney, Joel Daniels. …continue reading

Tour de France: Vincenzo Nibali refuses to declare victory

“We must wait before talking about victory,” said Monday the holder of the yellow jersey of the Tour de France, Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali, despite his comfortable lead of 4 minutes and 37 seconds over his nearest rival before the final six stages.

“We’ll talk about winning at the end, if I win,” said Nibali during a press conference held on the occasion of the day of rest in Lignan-sur-Orb (Hérault).

Tour de France

“The coming week is very important. You really have to stay focused because we will encounter difficulties”, he recalled while looming three formidable stages in the Pyrenees before against the clock of 54 km at the penultimate stage. …continue reading

Leo Messi fails if he plays fifty meters from the goal

The Godfather Part II was conducted following the success of the first. And the third was not by chance: Francis Ford Coppola was ruined with expensive experiment that became Hunch and had to return to the saga of Mario Puzo to pay debts. If many did not seem to have seen the best Messi will be about something. Football is usually analyzed from individual performance, but it would be deeper if reflect on the decisions that affect collective everything comes from somewhere.

The first premise to remember is that Leo Messi made it big when Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova, he placed twenty yards from the opposing goal. Second runs roughly the same now (8.15 kilometers in the World), for example, in the Champions of the 2012-13 season (8.22). Other statistics also show that Leo gets less balls peers in the past year, both in Barcelona and in the selection, in the five years of Pep / Tito.


It is well known that Alejandro Sabella changed the team’s formation in Barranquilla where Argentina beat Colombia when they needed it and after flip the marker. It was November 2011 and has since preferred the 4-3-3 with three nines up (Higuain, Kun Aguero and Messi). From there the team met the qualifying matches for the World Cup with ease: including 4-0 against Ecuador, against Paraguay 8-3 overall, 3-0 against Uruguay, or 1-2 against Chile. …continue reading

Barcelona agrees to the “imperfections” of Suarez

Barcelona agree to the “imperfections” of his rookie Luis Suarez guilty of biting an opponent in the World, and is not afraid that his arrival disrupts the performance of Lionel Messi”, the best player in the world,” said the club Wednesday.

‘Luis Suarez will play a positive role in the years to come to Barcelona, “said sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta the team asked about the behavior of the Uruguayan, suspended by FIFA for international matches nine and four months of any activity in soccer after his bite on Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini.

Luis Suarez

Barça “accepts human beings with all their imperfections, all their faults and their ability to learn from their mistakes. This is one of our values. Our history is full of good days and bad days”, he added, insisting that” Barcelona is more important than a player”. …continue reading

Should major league baseball lower the mound?

Baseball has a problem: Clayton Kershaw, Aroldis Chapman, Felix Hernandez and all the other kings of the hill are too good. They rule with an assortment of curves, slippery surprising and fast 100 miles per hour. This new generation of launchers plunged major hitters in a deep lethargy.

The highs for strikeouts, the hollow wave with respect to circuits and worry that the sport becomes boring remind some 1968 when Bob Gibson, Denny McLain and other pitchers dominated.

Clayton Kershaw

At that time, baseball had adopted a radical solution: the mound was lowered from 15 to 10 inches and the area of reduced catches. With the addition of four expansion teams, the result was an increase of 11 points in batting average in 1969 and 19% more points. …continue reading

Rory McIlroy will have to overcome bad luck in the second round

Rory McIlroy calls “that thing in the second round.” This is something he especially in the head. Unfortunately for those who won two majors, it has become a very real problem. For some reason, McIlroy began to experience serious problems Friday. And this is a subject that has further risen to approach the British Open.

This year, McIlroy shows a cumulative 49 under par in the initial round. During the course of the weekend, it displays a -39. But Friday, it is 15.

rory mcilroy

“I have no problem to get a good score on Thursday, he said. There should be no reason for me to have problems getting a good score on Friday”.

If only it were that simple. …continue reading

The World Cup has not been announced fiasco

For Brazil, it was a World Cup upside down. Brazilians have lost where they were convinced of winning – soccer – and they won where it was expected they lose – in the tournament.

For several years, the government of the country suffered the remonstrances of FIFA significant delays in construction of stadiums. Politicians have seen people blame them for spending billions of dollars despite the deterioration of public services. Foreign newspapers have warned fans against snakes and violence while Brazilian newspapers have not missed an opportunity not to scratch the organizers.


Several questions remain, mainly about the corruption surrounding the work and legacy financially. But there is no doubt that the objective is to provide enthusiasts worldwide with a premier sporting event has surpassed the level of expectation of everyone. …continue reading

Barça will ensure that Suarez “return successfully”

The President of FC Barcelona said that the Catalan club will ensure that Luis Suarez “return successfully” the world of soccer after a long suspension for biting an opponent in the World Cup in Brazil.

Suarez was transferred from Liverpool to Barcelona on Friday, but he can not participate in activities associated with soccer for four months after biting an Italian player in Brazil.


Josep Maria Bartomeu said the Catalan club supported the call of Uruguay, to break the suspension imposed by FIFA before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), recalling that Suarez had “admitted his mistake and Barça will ensure that it successfully reintegrates the world of soccer”. …continue reading

Blackhawks: Toews and Kane under contract until 2023

It was written in the sky: Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane wanted to stay in Chicago Blackhawks and wanted to keep the two talented forwards in the only uniform they wore in the NHL. All that was left to do was to write astronomical amounts of money on what would prove to be the hugest contracts in the history of the franchise.

The Blackhawks announced Wednesday it has entered into agreements to eight years each with their two star players, major contributors Stanley Cup team in 2010 and 2013. TSN speaks of an annual salary of 10 , U.S. $ 5 million each.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

Kane and Toews led the Blackhawks to the finals of the Western Conference this year, the team losing in seven games to the eventual champions of the cup, the Los Angeles Kings. …continue reading

NBA: Rockets want Chris Bosh

The Houston Rockets are willing to offer a four-year contract worth $ 96 million to Chris Bosh, whose departure from Miami that could seal LeBron James, the American press reported Monday. According to ESPN, the Rockets have made offers maximum contract allowed by NBA rules for Bosh, seriously considering leaving the Heat.

The 30 years in Miami since 2010, is a member of the “Big Three” that allowed the Heat won two NBA titles in 2012 and 2013 and play four NBA finals, the last lost against San Antonio.

Chris Bosh

Bosh finished the 2013-14 regular season averaging 16.1 points, 6.5 rebounds per game, is the worst year of his career in the NBA after his first season in Toronto in 2003-04. Bosh is presented as “the” key player in the transfer window: if it were to leave Miami, would result in the departure of LeBron James and ricochets other transfers to the main NBA franchises. …continue reading

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